A team can consist of a maximum of 3 members each.
The participants must produce a valid identity card of their institute.

Automaze is an event where bots can solve a maze. The bots are completely autonomous and must find their way from a predetermined starting position to the finishing area of the maze unaided. Bots can use various algorithms. Competitors can either bring their own bot or we will provide you with one,you will need to upload the code into our bot.The layout of our bot will be published as per the schedule.
A closed track having its width size as 25cm.
The bot can be of any size or dimension such that it fits the 25cm wide track.
The bot should have an internal power supply.

Ready-made kits aren't allowed.
The maze-solver bot must be fully autonomous and must not have any connections whatsoever with any external power sources.
Teams may either have their own robot with running code, or can use the bot provided by us, where you are permitted to upload your code.
The maze will be revealed to the competitors 30 minutes prior to the start of the competition, so as to prepare the bot for the maze by making adjustments in sensors and code.
Under no consequences shall the maze-solver bot be removed from the maze once it has entered the same.
Every team shall be permitted to try solving the maze with the same bot for a maximum number of 2 times, but with separate registration.
In the event of no bot solving the maze, the prizes will be awarded on the basis of the percentage of completion of the maze, with accurate timings and checkpoints.

Time taken to solve the maze
Speed, accuracy and smooth movement of the bot
Structural integrity and general neatness of the bot

1st : Rs. 3000
2nd : Rs. 1500
3rd : Rs. 500

Krishnanunni M.: 9544966250
Richard Joy: 9746976670
Joseph T. Joshy: 9497367421
Jibin P S: 7025532327